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My Lab/German Shorthair mix started turning her nose up at her food and I had to add canned dog food to her kibble to get her to eat it. Tried Extreme Dog Fuel and she ate it right off the bat, no hesitations. It even smelled better than other dog foods I have tried. No wonder she didn't want to eat the other more expensive brands.

Ron Ferguson -

Burleson, TX



Bill Schrader has always had a love for animals and graduated from Texas A&M University with a double major as a large and small animal veterinarian.   He began training and competing with horses as a teenager and fell in love with dog training after seeing a friend use his lab for duck hunting.   It was love at first sight and he immediately got his 1st dog!


Bill had a busy, growing veterinary practice in Houston and scheduled his time in order to be able to go to California to study dog training under Rex Carr.  He showed up at CL and offered to shoot for Rex in order to learn.  Rex quickly saw not only a person committed to learning, but a person who truly cared about the dogs.


Bill has a special gift of reading dogs and knowing their individual personalities.  He successfully trained and competed as an Amateur for over 25 years, qualifying almost every year for both Nationals and being awarded high point Amateur Dog in 1999.   


In 2000, Bill decided to sell his veterinary practice, move to the country and train dogs professionally.  He enjoyed success in this endeavor.  Though he retired from professional dog training, his fire did not go out!   His passion, love, and zeal for the dogs is as strong today as it was over 35 years ago when, as a young man new to the sport, he spent all those hours with Rex.


Bill was excited when the Circle J team formulated Extreme Dog Fuel Performance!  It gives the dogs the necessary foundation to successfully work and compete.  He has been feeding it for 15 years and is happy with the dogs’ energy, coats, stools and over-all health.

Dr. John Poirrier

Dr. of Veterinary Medicine

Graduated from LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine in 1988

Dog trainer for 18 plus years


Dr. John received his degree from LSU school of Veterinarian Medicine and has practiced Veterinarian medicine for over 28 years. His practice is located in South East Arkansas.  He practices on both large and small animals, but specializes in canine pets.

Dr. John has a passion for training retrievers and has been training for over 18 years. He has competed and titled dogs in both UKC and AKC with titles of SHR, HR, HRCH, GRHRCH, JR, SR and Master levels. One thing that I learned from Dr. John is his patience in young dogs and his discipline in obedience.

We are very fortunate to have someone like Dr. John buying our products and supporting us. He could feed anything he wants to but he chooses Extreme Dog Fuel 26-18.

"I have been feeding my dogs Extreme Dog Fuel for years.  This is a high energy, completely balanced diet that keeps my dogs performing at their peak.  They have the fuel to work when we are training hard and their coats are shiny and healthy.  They love the taste and I love the results."

Dr. John Poirrier

Dr. John Poirrier, DVM

I had been using Science Diet Active Dog Formula, and my Chocolate Lab was always sluggish. I swapped to Extreme Dog Fuel 2 weeks ago after my dog feels flat on her face after picking up 23 of the 40 ducks we killed on opening morning of duck season. After a short rest, she managed to finish the hunt and picked up all 40 of them. I had discussed your product with some of my other duck hunting buddies, and they recommended it highly, that night I sent my wife for a bag of your Extreme Dog Fuel. I started feeding my dog that night, within two days I could tell a very noticeable difference in her stamina and ability. She has been on your product for two weeks now and finally has muscle definition in her shoulders and hips that are also rock hard. She has not gotten tired since being put your product and her coat in two weeks has gone from a dull brown to a very shiny & sleek coat. She has plenty of energy for hunting and for recreation afterward with my kids. Thanks for having a great product and keep up the good work.

Brannon White

Farmerville, La

My Lab/German Shorthair mix started turning her nose up at her food and I had to add canned dog food to her kibble to get her to eat it. Tried Extreme Dog Fuel and she ate it right off the bat, no hesitations. It even smelled better than other dog foods I have tried. No wonder she didn't want to eat the other more expensive brands.

Ron Ferguson

Burleson, TX

I've used several brands over the years, and this formula is hands down top of the list. I've been VERY impressed with the results I've seen with some older dogs, while still having proper balance and ratios for my younger pup. Extreme Dog Fuel Professional formula is the ONLY choice of dog food in my house.

Antonio - Arkansas

We've been using Extreme Dog Fuel for years now and even turned several friends on to it. Our vet always comments on how beautiful the dogs' coats are. Now we live outside Denver and will drive 30 miles to get it! I wish more stores knew the how great this product is!

Carolyn Taylor - Bailey, CO

It's hard to find a good dog food any price. Extreme Dog Fuel is the final answer


Campti, LA.

Great product!! The kibble is as clean as a whistle. There were no little crumbs in the bottom of the bag.

Tim Jeffers

Bushnell, FL

Extreme Dog Fuel is helping Lady over other dog food products used before I was introduced to Extreme Dog Fuel. Lady has a healthier, shinier coat, maintenance of weight, her appetite is maintained through proper nutrition with the vitamins and minerals Extreme Dog Fuel has in it. Although Lady is only three years old, I like preventative health products for healthy cartilage, bones, and joints such as: Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfhate, Calcium, and Manganese. I also take these products for myself; after all, I am 60 yrs young, I need all the help I can get. I know God heals us, yet he gives us knowledge. Thank your company for sharing this healthy product with the public.

Diana Brumbalow - Lipan, TX

 have fed several "premium" dog foods to my hunting dogs, and this is as good a dog food as I have ever found. My old dogs have more energy their eyes look clearer, and they recover from a long hunt faster, my young dogs have a lot more energy and stamina. I have always believed that your dogs perform better the better you feed them, and mine are performing better than ever. Thank you for making this feed and please don't change it.

Adam Marthis - Niceville FL

We came across Extreme Dog Fuel at the Hog Dog Trials in 2009, we tried a sample bag on my picky Pom Barron and he gobbled it like a dog treat. We tried it out on him and the rest of our gang and the feeling was mutual, THIS STUFF IS GREAT! The potty odor was practically gone and the body odor was greatly improved along with the shine on the coat. I am a pet groomer and it's nice not to have to groom your own pets as often because of a wonderful dog food. I have convinced several of my clients to switch dog food and the ones that have are happy they did and still brag today. I continue to praise Extreme to all who will listen. The only ones who have a problem with trying it are ones who have pets with food allergies. Maybe someday there can be an Extreme for dogs with food allergies. We love it and hope Extreme Dog Fuel is around from now on. Keep up the good work with such a wonderful product. I can't brag enough on it.

Mary - Winnfield, Louisiana

Hello. I just wanted to send you guys a note that I am very pleased with your product. We picked up a bag of Extreme dog food here in Harrisburg. Our dogs love it! Thanks so much.

David Leber - Harrisburg, PA

My two pups refuse to eat any other food except extreme, my mini-Pin rather starve that have anything else. My other Rotty would go past table scraps to have extreme. Helped keep her diabetes to a medication-free level for three years by diet alone. What a great product!

Curtis B - Shreveport La

Thank you for making such a great dog food! We saw a difference after 2 weeks of feeding Extreme Dog Fuel. Our 9-year-old lab is getting around better and his hair coat is a lot shinier.

Jack Wilkerson - Bolingbrook, IL

I found out about Extreme Dog Fuel through my Uncle. He told me about the dog food helping dogs with joint problems. Our dog had severe hip dysplasia. We decided to give extreme dog fuel a try and it really did help! Thank you so much!

Tommy Ferrell - Murfreesboro, TN

If you have a dog with bad hair coat and watery eyes, YOU NEED TO TRY THIS FOOD! My dog Taz was laying around and in bad shape. I have been feeding extreme dog fuel for several months now and she is a brand new dog. This food does miracles! Try it for 30 days. It works.

Steve Loga - Blanchard, LA

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We switched to Extreme Dog Fuel over a year ago and our dogs love it. We were feeding Science Diet; our dogs would not eat it anymore after they tried Extreme. Our older dogs are looking better and are more active than they used to be. We recommend this healthy dog food!

Dan Twisler - Dallas, TX

I have used Purina most of my life as a dog owner. The dogs will eat Extreme first every time. I put Extreme in the bottom of the bowl and my dogs dug past the other food to get to the Extreme. It not only works on my lab, but on my granddaughter’s small dogs. They eat less, have better coats, and are much happier & healthier dogs. Great, great stuff!!!

Johnny West - Shreveport, LA

I have a German shepherd that had lost a bunch of weight and her fur was dull. I tried everything. I discovered this dog food from Randy Arter at the Market Street Feed and Supply in Houston. I was amazed on the turn around on my dog. Her weight came back and her energy was incredible! Her coat shines which has never looked this good. I also have an older lab that all she did was lay around for years. She now plays with the German shepherd like she is a puppy again. She actually smiles if you can believe that. If you really love your dog, please switch to this awesome dogfood. Bass Pro Shops now carry it in their hunting section. Hopefully, they will continue to sell this great product. I only wish Petco and PetSmart carried Extreme. None of my local feed stores even know about this Extreme Dog food. I'm trying to get the word out but I'm no salesman. So I will continue to drive 30 miles to buy it because it's worth it!!!!

Sandra Kroeger - Hitchcock, Texas

I have been feeding extreme dog fuel for about 2 years now. My dogs are 10-year-old lab/mix and an Irish setter/mix at 7 years old. They are doing very well on this food. Their coats have never looked better. So if their coats look this good you could only imagine how they must feel inside as well. They both still have energy just like puppies. Thank You for making this amazing dog food.

Jeffrey Heedles  - Hockley TX

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