“Hi Russell! I don’t think I can adequately express how impressed we are with this dog food!

1. Our dogs LOVE it!

2. They’re eating way less than any other food we’ve used. We have reduced how much we put out every day, and still put out too much!

3. There is less output (less poop…yay)!

4. They aren’t drinking nearly as much water (it was constant before), so less pee pee everywhere!

5. Our dogs have more energy and are more playful!

6. They aren’t hacking and throwing up like they were!

7. They’re sleeping much better at night!

In short, where has this food been all our lives?! We’re so convinced of the quality of this food that

my husband, son and I are wondering if we can be representatives for this area, since no one local sells it!

Shelbyville, Texas

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